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Application Performance Management

AppSense is a software application that help IT administrators ensure that the enterprise applications that users use to do their business every day deliver a quality user experience and meet defined performance standards or KPIs. It is not enough to understand that there are performance problems, also can determine the detailed reasons for performance problems

Application Performance Monitoring
App & Server Metrics
Find Bugs During Development & Production
Error Tracking
Code Profiling
Troubleshoot Production Problems

Overal Monitoring

  • Cumulative User
  • Total Transactions
  • Apdex
  • Error Rate
  • Total SQL Queries
  • Exceptions

Critical Business Monitoring

  • Total Transactions
  • Avg Response Time
  • Error Rate
  • Failure Rate
  • Total SQL Queries
  • Average SQL Time

Overal Monitoring

  • Cumulative User
  • Total Transactions
  • Apdex
  • Error Rate
  • Total SQL Queries
  • Exceptions
Transaction Monitoring & Statistic
Detail Error Tracking

Architecture Overview


Network Permormance Monitoring

Our NetSense is a technically advanced, intelligent network probe that allows network operators and service providers to extract meaningful network traffic and subscriber behavior data as well as identify statistical trends both in mobile and fixed networks


Analyse Past Incidents

When deployed in combination with our AppTrace APM, it delivers valuable insights from your business or operation network for a better understanding of new trends, important subscriber behavior and their quality of experience.

Your IT department or managed service provider can use this data to efficiently plan network capacity, introduce new services and generate additional revenue through targeted marketing.

Working Flow

NetSense provides full stack network performance visualization via our user-friendly dashboards. Clients are able to seamlessly monitor and manage your enterprise network environments.

With ease of navigation; you are able to view incidents, analyse relationships, measure impact, pin-point network faults and identify root cause.

With these detailed diagnostics capabilities, you are able to fix problems fast.


Intelligent Site Management System

Site Sense is an intelligent systems that allows user to manage and monitoring working site, in order to optimise productivity, controlling energy usage, full view of site progress  and fast reaction to get more manageable and successful outcome.


High-Level of Integration

  • Archieve a variety of transmission (IP, wireless transmission module external (GPRS / 3G / 4G)
  • Rich acquisition channels
  • Support two-doors management


  • Support most interface
  • FSU alarm data storage (up to 5,000), until the network is restored, automatically resume to the monitoring centre, to ensure data integrity

FSU Standard Design

  • Standard Cabinets structural design
  • Meet the installation of the cabinet or wall

IG-Site – The Extended Pico Site

Three-level architecture, network cable + fiber optic deployment, POE power supply, simple and fast deployment; Flexible merge and split, software expansion, controllable and measurable.

Due to its advantages of large capacity, easy deployment and flexible software expansion, IG-Site is widely used in large and medium-sized indoor scenes such as shopping malls, subway stations, airports, railway stations, exhibition centers and hotels.